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Funny Jokes

A man goes to doctor

So a busy office drone is feeling physically low, flaccid, out of sorts.

Goes to a therapist who says he has to get some exercise. But how?

His weekends are taken up with ex-wife and shared kids, work is all consuming. How about running to work?

Embarrassing. Silly. So how about running with a purpose? What the doc recommends is getting a hoop.

A hoop? Yes, the child’s toy, you run along beside it , touching it with a stick to keep it going.

You try to keep it from rolling away, or falling over.

So it’s weird but he tries it. Not easy. Never had one as a kid. Feels silly, but it makes him feel good.

Every morning when he gets to work he leaves the hoop in a garage near his office. The routine produces great results! Roll the hoop there, roll it back, never misses a day.

Then one evening after work he goes to the garage to pick up his hoop, and…it’s gone.

He throws a fit. WHERE IS IT? WHAT WAS DONE WITH IT? And the garage guy, a new guy, admits that he didn’t know what it was and he tossed it.

YOU THREW IT AWAY? THAT WAS MY HOOP! Okay, okay — we’ll get you another hoop. “Well that’s FINE! but how am I going to get home now?


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