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A man did 69 with a When he

A man did 69 with a When he drove home to his wife he realised that his breath smelt like.

He freaked out and turned to the closest gas station.

He ran towards an old lady and opened his mouth and exhaled.

The lady  and said have you been 69?

The man ran into the gas station and asked do you have the strongest mustard?

The man looked at him and answered with an  expression yes of course we do?

He bayed all of the mustard and drank it all. It was so powerful that he threw up.

He then ran up to the lady again and exhaled once again.

The lady shared the same reaction but more upset. Have you been 69?

The man became depressed and looked around.

He had spent all of his money on mustard and his breath still smelled like.

He went desperate this time and looked around.

He knew exactly what to do now and drank gasoline.

But the gas man saw and screamed.

The man who 69 drove away fast so he wouldn’t get caught.

He stopped right next to his house to check if his breath was fresh for the last time.

He ran up to the old lady and exhaled.

This time the lady said why is your breath so fresh?

The man became manic and hugged the old lady and ran into his house leaving the old lady suspicious.

Honey i m home said the man relaxing.

His wife looked at him suspiciously that made him nervous again.

What is it said the man? Have you been 69 said the wife?

How did you know said the man? Your forehead is full of  said the wife it said the man.


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