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A hideous little orc is in the kingdom’s capital

A hideous little orc is in the kingdom’s capital, looking to acquire medicine for his sick mom.

Nobody can stand the sight of him, with some even threatening violence of he doesn’t leave.
He finds and alchemist’s medicine shop at the market and tells him about his mother’s illness.

“Ah, but of course!” says the alchemist, “It’s clearly a case of Sakiara Fever. It’s not very common at all, but I’ve got just the thing.”

The alchemist rummages through his wares for a moment and pulls out a bottle with blue liquid in it, sealed by a cork.

“Pandoria Solution, this should do the trick just fine. Have her take a sip with every meal for a day and the day after she should be healthy.
That’ll be 600 Crowns.” The orc, with a smile on his face, searches the small field pouch tied to his belt to pull out his money. He counts, 100 Crowns… 200 Crowns… 300 Crowns… 400 Crowns… 500 Crowns…

His smile quickly goes away when he realizes he’s 100 Crowns short.
He looks at the alchemist, to which the alchemist says “Sorry, youngster.
It’s as low as it goes. I can’t operate at a loss.”

Defeated, he starts waking away when a man grabs his shoulder.
It was a large man clad in shining armor, and an ornate helmet that was too beautiful for words.
The knight pulls out a nugget of ore from his pocket, probably worth around 150 Crowns, and hands it to the ugly orc, saying “Take it, you need it more than I do”.
In the shock of the moment, the orc couldn’t think what to say to the generous man…


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