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Funny Jokes

A group of Engineers are in a bar

The System Engineer says, “God must be an Systems Engineer, look at the design of the human nervous system.

Millions of signals flying back and forward at enormous speeds, all controlled by a massively powerful processing system that can make billions of calculations every second.

Only the greatest of Systems Engineers could design such a system.”.

The Instrument Engineer, contends, “No, God must be an Instrument Engineer.

In order to supply all that data to the System it needs a massively complex system of sensory inputs from the most intricate of detectors.

The eyes alone are the most sophisticated sensing device ever created.”.

The Structural Engineer argues, “No, of course God must be a Structural Engineer.

All that signalling stuff is good but it doesn’t do anything.

The support system to react to those inputs is the key.

The human skeleton is a marvel of complex connections, different types of joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons giving combinations of supports to allow each of them joint to move in different ways.”.

The Process Engineer states, “You can’t be serious. None of the physical parts work without constant maintenance.

God must be a Process Engineer, the digestive and coronary systems take in all kinds of different foods and drinks, break them down to their constituent parts,

distributes each of them to where they need to go, and then rebuilds them into a new chemical structure to do exactly what is needed.”.

The Civil Engineer, quietly finishes his drink, smiles, and stands up to leave “You all make great points but God is obviously a Civil Engineer.

Who else would run a sewage pipeline through a recreational area?”


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