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A bear walked into a bar Looked

A bear walked into a bar Looked about the crowded bar and didn’t see anywhere to sit.

A young woman caught his eye, they exchanged smiles and he walked over to her.

Just as she opened her mouth to say hi he mauled and ate her.

He looked up to the bartender and said “Barkeep, I’d like a large Guinness.”

The bartender replied “Sorry but we don’t server your kind here, leave now!”

Taken back the bear angrily said “Why is that? You racist against bears? You a grizzlphobe?

Don’t likey drink choice?”

“No,” said the bartender “I like bears all the same but we don’t server  here.”

Laughing loudly the bear said “I’ve never done drugs in my life! Why would you think that!”

“Well,” the Barkeep smiled, “that just now was a barbiturate”


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