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3 guys crash land on an island

3 guys crash land on an island and get captured by cannibals

Once they they are brought to the chieftain he tells them what they have to do if they want to live.

“Go in the woods, gather 10 fruits of the same kind. You have as long as you want to do so.

Once you’re back there will be another task”

The guys then leave to get the fruit. The first one comes back with 10 apples.
The chieftain then tells him: “Now you have to shove all of those apples in your ass, without making any sound” The guy reluctantly starts putting apples in his bum, but by the 3rd one is in great pains and starts crying.
The cannibals then take him and tie him to a tree.

The second one arrives with 10 blueberries.
He is also told to put the fruit in his ass.
He manages to put 9 and as he was about to put in the last he starts laughing and gets tied to a tree next to his friend.

The first guy asks him “Why did you fail? You only had to endure one more.”
The second guy replies”Well putting the fruit in my ass wasn’t that bad, but i saw the other guy come back with 10 pineapples”


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