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Young lady drove a little yellow sports car

Some ecclesiastical gentlemen — a cardinal, a couple of bishops and some others — were waiting outside the Pearly Gates for St. Peter to open up.

He finally arrived, but just they were about to enter heaven St. Peter asked them to wait a moment and let a new arrival through first.

A sweet young thing in a mini-skirt arrived and was ushered through.

The cardinal was a bit upset about this and demanded an explanation from St. Peter.
After all, they had been waiting outside for quite some time and were pillars of the church.
How could a girl in a mini-skirt deserve better treatment?

St. Peter smiled and told him, “While she was alive, that young lady drove a little yellow sports car.
She regularly jumped red lights, overtook on blind corners,
and generally scared the devil out of more people than all of you combined


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