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Two hot young ladies are talking

Two hot young ladies are talking one afternoon about the weekend just past.
The first named Faba, and the second, Mujo, discussed Faba’s last date.

“You know what Mujo, I was out last night with an intellectual type” Faba declared.

“What’s that? What’s do you mean intellectual type?” Mujo asked with curiosity.

“Well, I mean I was dating a man who is very intellectual and intelligent,” explained Faba to her friend.

Mujo giggles, and asked, “So, how was it?”

“First, he took me to dinner.
Then he took me to a cinema movie.
And then he took me out for a drive.
After all that, he took me to his house.
He began an intellectual conversation. And finally, he took out his .”

“What is this word, ‘,” Mujo asked, unfamiliar with the clinical terminology.

“Oh, it is what intellectuals have. It looks like a  just much smalle


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