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The old man handed his bank card

The old gentleman handed his bank card to a bank teller and said.

“I would like to withdraw for £50.”

The teller told him.

“For withdrawals less than £250, please use the ATM.”

The old gentleman quietly asked why that was.

The teller returned his bank card and irritably told him.

“That’s the rules. Now if there’s nothing else, please leave as there’s a queue behind you.”

The old gentleman remained silent for a few seconds, handed the card back to the teller and said.

“Please close my account and withdraw all my money.”

The teller checked the account, gasped and said.

“My apologies, Sir, the bank doesn’t hold £25 million in cash.”

The old gentleman then asked how much he could withdraw immediately, to be informed, “Any amount up to £250,000.”

“Well, please let me have £250,000 now.”

The teller handed it over respectfully.

The old gentleman put £50 in his wallet and asked the teller to deposit the balance of £249,950 back into his

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