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Ole and Sven are invited to a costume party

Ole and Sven are invited to a costume party with their girlfriends.

The party invitation says to come dressed as an emotion.
After a day of deliberating, they all agree to meet at Sven’s place before going to the party.
Just before Sven is about to put his costume on, there’s a knock on the door.
Outside is his girlfriend, Hilda, who’s dressed head to toe in bright green scales and a flowing emerald dress.

“Oh gosh, Hilda. You sure look good!” Says Sven. “What’s your costume supposed to be?”

Hilda gives her dress a twirl and declares, “Oh I am the emotion of envy!”

Before Sven can reply, Ole’s gal Lena rounds the corner in a long red dress, her hair dyed the color of flames. Sven lets out a whistle and says, “Oh gosh, Lena! That’s quite da costume! What are you supposed to be?”

Lena curtsies with a giggle and says, “Why, I am the flame of burning love.”

Before either of them can compliment her, Ole rounds the corner, stark naked except for an old rubber tire held around his middle.
“Good lord!” Sven says, “Ole! What on earth are you supposed to be?”

Ole grins back at him and says, “Oh, me?” He says, “I am de spare!”


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