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My buddies and I where out for a night

My buddies and I where out for a night on the town.

We ended up at a high end bar with a dress code.
All my buddies being the suave dudes they are where dressed accordingly with suits and ties but I alas was not.
See you on the other side fucker they all yelled out as they went in laughing.
Well there I was, out in the cold left out,abandoned.
Not to be outdone I went to the car and rummaged through the trunk looking for anything I could use to get past the bouncers.
Nothing but a set of jumper cables….Fuck it I gotta try.
I tie the cables around my neck as well as I can and go to the doors to present myself pleading to get in.
The bouncer looks me up and down and say’s…OK ok you can go in….but don’t start anything in there


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