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Ivan had worked at the factory

A taste of Russian humour, Ivan had worked at the wheelbarrow factory for as long as anyone could remember, and the day of his retirement had finally arrived.

He was well respected and even liked by all his coworkers, and his boss wanted to give him his last farewell at the end of his last day while he was walking out, so he beckoned Ivan to his office.

Ivan sat down.“Ivan, no one working here hasn’t learned something from you.

I personally can’t thank you enough for your years of reliable labor.

And you’re the best wheelbarrow builder we currently have.

But I’m curious about one thing. Every day I’ve ever seen you go home,

I’ve seen you leaving with something covered in your wheelbarrow.

What have you been taking home from work every day for all these years??

” Ivan smiled, and said, “Wheelbarrows.”


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