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I paid a visit to an art gallery today

I paid a visit to an art gallery today and saw an exquisite piece of art. It was of a fox. Every stroke on the painting was perfect and every colour was blended together beautifully.

But as I analysed the painting, I noticed that something didn’t feel right. As if there was still something missing from it.

And I was right! As soon as I caught it, I just couldn’t unsee it.

So I decided to head to the manager to warn them about the error in the artist’s craft.

“Hey, you take a look at that fox painting? The artist must be a legend!”

“Oh yeah. Most favourite piece I’ve made. Its copies sell well.”

“Oh! I must say it does look absolutely magnificent!
But I’m sure you realise what’s wrong with it.”

“Ah, yes. An intentional design.”

“So you masterfully handcrafted this fox painting, intentionally painted the tail out,
and still managed to sell enough copies even though it’s an incomplete painting.”

The artist chuckled and nodded in agreement.

My eyes widened, with the hands open and on my sides,
and my lips mouthing the word in amazement: “How?”

The artist shrugs and says “It’s just the detailing, man.”

He laughed at my cringe. I laughed at his burnt painting


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