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An elderly, faithful man died and went to heaven

An elderly, faithful man died and went to heaven.

When he arrived, God said, “Welcome John! You’re wife has been waiting for you!”

Bursting in tears of joy, John started to run around, looking for her frantically.

God said, “Not so fast! We have a little gift for you!”

John inquired, “What is it?”

God said, “Turn around.”

Behind John was a , gleaming Lamborghini! John exclaimed, “Is this for me?”

God said, “Of course it is! It’s a gift for how faithful you were to your wife!

The more faithful you are to your partner, the better car you get!”

John said, “Thanks so much! I’m going to go look for her! Thanks again!”

John searches for hours and hours, but still couldn’t find her, so he decided to sleep on it and try again tomorrow.

John was driving around the next day, and saw a woman that looked a lot similar to his wife.

In fact, it was! But instead of running up to her, he started crying and drove away to God.

When John approached God, God asked, “Why are you crying? Didn’t you see your wife?”

John replied, “She was on a skateboard…”


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