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A man went drinking at a nearby pub

While he was staying there he went drinking at a nearby pub and was enjoying a performance that was going on.

It featured a band playing some songs and a singing bird like creature with many legs who was the stars of the show.

After the show was over the man enjoyed the performance so much he wanted to give a tip them and to also fond out what the stance creature was but unfortunately no one knew he had no change.

So rushed across the street to the ATM to get some cash. But by the time he returned the band and creature was gone.

Disappointed that he could not give them a tip he asked the people near by of the performance will return.

They told him that unfortunately they wont be and they will however perform at another bar 50 miles away. So the man packed up his stuff in his old kilt bag a and went after them.

After catching up to them he asked the performers what the creature was. They told him it was called a rary.

After presenting some cash to them one of the members remarked. Wow you went a long way to tip a rary.

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