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A man to water punnett his plants

But what many people don’t know is that he also discovered a type of flower that he dubbed the Punnett Plant. It blooms best when it is just ignored.

Now there was a man who had bought a packet of Punnett Plant seeds, but he didn’t know about how they bloom so he took care of it as you would a normal plant.

He didn’t like the result because they would not bloom, but even though of his dissatisfaction he still continued to water it.

One day he was leaving for vacation and hired a neighborhood boy to water all his plants. The boy didn’t want to however so he blew it off and didn’t water any of his plants.

When the man returned from his vacation he saw that his Punnett Plant bloomed and was the most beautiful flower he had ever seen while the rest of his plants had died, he knew that the boy didn’t take care of his flowers, but he did not care because of the Punnett Plant.

He went to his friend and told him about the Punnett Plant and he said, “At first I wasn’t such a big fan, but it did grow on me, no Punnett tended.


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