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A man stands before St. Peter

A man stands before St. Peter

St. Peter says “You are in luck today!
All you need to do to enter into heaven is to tell me of one unselfish deed you have done!”
The man says, “Boy, do I have a story for you!

I was walking home from work and came to my usual shortcut, an alley behind a bar.
There I saw a gang of five bikers, assaulting a woman.
Immediately, I jumped in the pile!
I grabbed the biggest of them all by the beard and pulled him out.
After that, it was all a blur, i was scratching and clawing.
Throwing kicks and punches. I even pulled one bikers nose ring out!
St. Peter, very impressed with the story says,”
Wow! You certainly weren’t lying about having a great story!
For my records, tell me when this happened! ”
The man hung his head and said, ” About 5 minutes ago. “


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