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A man prepares his donkey and dog

A man prepares his donkey and dog for a long journey up a mountain.

He places a pack straddle on the donkey’s back and fills everything to maximum weight.

Because of the weight, he decides to pull the donkey along so that it does not become tired as easily.

The man, donkey, and his guard dog now begin the long trip up a mountain to get to the other side.

Hours into their long and quiet trip, the man becomes very tired.

He stops the donkey and decides that he is going to ride it.

Just as he starts to mount the donkey, out of nowhere the donkey says, “STOP! I’m SICK OF BEING YOUR MULE! I HATE YOU! STOP USING ME!”

The man is bewildered, as he has never once before heard an animal speak, and takes off running as fast as he can back down the mountain, with the dog right behind him.

As he gets to the bottom in record time, he stops and catches his breath.

He is beyond scared and says in a scared tone,

“Whoa, I have never heard a donkey speak before.”

The dog replies, “Me neither.”


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