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A man is having dinner with his new girlfriend’s family

A man is having dinner with his new girlfriend’s family. They spend the early part of the evening talking, getting to know each other, and just generally having a good time.

After about an hour in however suddenly the father stops mid conversation, puts on some sneakers, and dashes around the dining room table a few times.

Before the man can voice his confusion, the girlfriend’s family burst into laughter.

They stop after a minute and carry on like normal.

This happens three more times during the night and the boyfriend says nothing out of fear and wanting to avoid putting a damper on the evening.

After the dinner and everyone said their goodbyes the man confronts his girlfriend after they arrive home.

“What the hell was with the laps around the table and the loud laughter?” He says panicked.

The wife turns to him and says “Calm down honey, nothing to get excited about. Our family just has a few running jokes.”


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