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Clean Jokes

A man and a woman are seated

A man and a woman are seated next to each other on a flight.

They start eyeing each other up, and both realize they want to do the same thing.

He slips a protection out of his pocket, and she looks delighted.

Rear toilet? he suggests.

Five minutes, she agrees, and goes off.

He waits five minutes, then goes and slips in there with her.

Right, get that protection on, she says.

Soon, they are both sighing with pleasure.

But a sharp-eyed stewardess has noticed them, and realized what they are up to, so she humiliates them both by making an announcement over the radio.

To the lady and gentleman in the rear toilet, we know what you are doing, and it is expressly forbidden by airline regulations.

Now, please put those cigarettes out and take the protection off the smoke detector.”


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