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A little boy wished for 10 ping-pong balls

A little boy wished for 10 ping-pong balls for his 10th birthday.
When he turned 11 he wished for 11 ping-pong balls.
This continued every year.

They boy grew up to a man. When he turned 18, he wished for 18 ping-pong balls and when he turned 25 he wished for 25 ping-pong balls.

His friends and family never asked about it, but they always wondered why he wished for nothing else.
Just ping-pong balls.

When he was 40, he wished for 40 ping-pong balls.

The time finally came for his 50th birthday party and he invited 50 people and said that each of them should bring 1 ping-pong ball each.
And they did. No questions asked.

The man turned 60 and guess what he wished for? That’s right. 60 ping-pong balls.

At 70 year old he got 70 ping-pong balls from his beloved wife and children.

At 80 years old, sadly, the man became sick. Very sick. He had to be put in a hospital.

On his deathbed, surrounded by his wife and children his wife asked him:

“My love, tell me. What were you going to do with all the ping-pong balls?”

He smiled at his wife.

“Well” he said. “I was going to use them for..”

Sadly he died before he could tell her.


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