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Clean Jokes

A guy had a dog that kept getting into the neighbors

A guy had a dog that kept getting into the neighbors backyard.

The neighbor would come over, banging on the door,screaming,”Your dog has been in my yard again,digging holes and scaring my rabbit.”

“I’m real sorry about that neighbor, I’ll try to keep him penned up.”
“Next time,as God as my witness, I’ll shoot that dog of yours,”and his neighbor storms off.

The following day the man is calling for his dog,and the dog comes crawling from under his neighbors fence with dirt all over his face and a dead rabbit in it’s mouth.
The guy thinks up a plan.He takes the rabbit,gets him cleaned up,
blow dries him and fluffs him up a bit,
and puts him in his cage before his neighbor makes it home from work
.He then grabs his dog,puts him in the car and drives around until his neighbor gets home so he don’t look like the guilty culprit.
As he arrives home,there his neighbor is,standing on his front lawn,with a puzzled look on his face.”Something wrong neighbor?”
“Yeah.My rabbit died” “Oh, I’m sorry to hear about that.”
“Yeah,but what I don’t understand is some sick him up,
fluffed him up,and stuck him back in his cage!”


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