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A group of miners are looking for gold

It is 1850 in California, where a group of miners are looking for gold. Hundreds of miners flock to a local river and reserve their spots for mining.

Some manage to secure a spot on the river before the rush, and the spots are taken instantly. Ones that slept in are too late and have to move on to the next one. Some of them will never find gold, even the miners in the river have no guarantees.

All the miners that muss their opportunity move on, except for one.

For a week, a miner wearing blue overalls and a large hat sits in his wagon and watched the other miners work.

An unlucky miner looks for a long time, but finds no gold in his reserved spot. He sighs, and packs his things. Before he goes, he makes a sign and puts it in his reserved spot that says, “No gold here”

The miner with the large hat leaps out of his wagon, runs to the abandoned spot and rips the sign out.

The first miner looks back at him. “Wot you do in’ dere, boy?” He says. “Dincha see da sign? Dere ain’t no gold dere.”

The miner with the large hat put the sign back in its place in the river. “Dere is now.”

The first miner scratches his head. “Wotcha mean?”

“I takes da sign out and put it back in.” The miner with the large hat says. “You always get gold for repostin’!”


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