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A boy asks a girl to prom

So there’s this boy in highs school, around 16 years old and he very nervously and timidly asks this beautiful girl out to prom.

Out of his league and the most beautiful I’m the school. He’s shocked and quite startled when he hears “id love to go!” Leave her lips. Short on time with days till or, he remembers “shoot! I don’t have a tux!”

. He hurries to a suit store where dozens of late comers just like him are standing in The boy stands there for hours waiting to get fitted and purchase his new tux. And leaves the store just as it’s closing.

The boy is excited knowing he has a nice set of threads to impress his date, but he remembers he hasn’t bought any tickets to the actual dance!

The next day he runs to the school to buy tickets, only to find just like him, there were dozens of late comers waiting in line to buy tickets. Though he’s not so disappointed as he isn’t at the end of the line.

A good half hour goes by and he finally buys the last two prom tickets for him and his date. Tickets in hand, knees shaky, and heart pounding the boy calls the girl to tell he has the tickets.

“Great! I have a dress all ready and I can’t wait for the dance!”. After days of nerve wracking patience, the boy picks up the girl to take her to their junior prom.

When they get to the door leading to prom they have to wait in line for another time! Frustrated and fed up with lines, the boy drags his date to the front of the line, hands the greeter the tickets and they both walk in side.

The night is going well. The music ia hot, both the girl and the boy have sweet dance moves and they tear up the dance floor. An hour goes by and the girl is tired and very thirsty.

She says to the boy “would you be a dear and go get us something to drink?”.

The boy gladly walks to the drink bar and he finds what else? More lines! He stops his foot and crosses his arms, scanning the bar fir a shorter line.

The apple juice line, the orange juice line, the soda line. And then he sees it!!…….There is no punch line.


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